Making Conections|Brand & Blogger Product Review Opportunities

Let’s face it, making the right brand connections as a (dare I say) “Mom Blogger” are key.  For a beginner blogger it can be difficult.  Most of the “big brands” that rely almost exclusively on bloggers for advertising, expect a lot of the blog itself.  As well as they should, this is what seperates the big & little fish. The beginner blogger can feel lost in Cyber World if they don’t have the numbers that “big brands” want.   What’s a newbie to do?  Network, network, network.  A lot of people dislike this “N” word.  Not me, I have made a livelyhood out of networking.  Mostly the social kind.  I believe that when you surround yourself around the types of bloggers you admire, amazing things can happen.  You make strong connections, you learn from what they are doing.

So whats a newbie to do?  Don’t give up, it doesn’t happen overnight.
•Join Brand & Blogger Product Review Opportunities Group.  It is a new group who’s primary goal is to connect bloggers and brands for review opportunities.
•Be active in Social Media, very active.  Build relationships with the people you look up to.
•Take yourself seriously.  If you don’t, you can’t expect anyone else to.

•Contact people you want to work with.  Ask them how they got their foot in the door. Would they be willing to contribute on your blog?

Blogging can be whatever expierience you want it to be.  Take a good hard look at the content you are putting out there.  Not every thought you have should be a blog post. (save that for Twitter)  Ask questions in your posts for maximum engagement. It shouldn’t be stressful. It should be a place that people want to visit. Readers and brands have to know you exist in order to get those numbers up. Do you have any networking tips to share?


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  1. Megan
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 14:32:07

    There are so many blogs now that I’m sure it’s hard to get started – I think the people who get into it for reasons other than money tend to produce the most interesting content – but I’m a reader, not a blogger. 🙂


    • Tattoomommie
      Jul 05, 2012 @ 16:13:06

      Megan, I agree with you 100%. Sadly some people who have amazing content aren’t getting noticed. It’s a big blog world out there with lots of compition. Sometimes a reader who shares a post they identity with or takes a minute to leave a comment can litterally put a blog on the map. I love the power of social media!


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