Mom, I’m Bored…running out of ideas? Read on!


Since the last day of school, June 18th. Our days start like this: Tattoomommie, “It’s summer why in the he%% are you up at 5am! Good Morning Sunshines!” TattooKids: “I love you mommy, didn’t meen to wake you. We’re hungry, there’s nothing to eat, we want chocolate chip pancakes and omletts, we’re out of juice, he hit me, she stinks and the worst, We’re Boooored!

I absolutely despise those two words.  How can they be bored at 5am?  It hasn’t even been a full month since school let out.  I lecture them on how lucky they are to have siblings. “Just imagine how bored only children must be, at least you have each other”, I say. (just as my mother used to say to me)

I’m partialy to blame.  We are constantly running from one event to the next.  With my new JOB, even more so.  I too, like to have fun. However, on the unusual days we have nothing to do, I’m extatic.  Bored?  No, usually catching up on Pinterest aka the house work I neglect when we are out on the town.

If your like me and hate those two words subscribe to Jersey Family Fun NOW!  Check out the events calendar for your county.  Want to know what’s going on today? Click here for today’s Jersey Fun!   Don’t forget about Pinterest, if you are looking to stay home. Or you could always lock yourself in your bedroom with earplugs.  If your choose that option, mentally prepare yourself for a disaster.


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