Are you a Crowdtapper? If not, you should be!

We all know MOMS (bloggers, readers, and sharers) are a brands’ best friend. It seems brands are finally realizing this. 78% of MOMS surveyed say they “share” via social media when they “like” a brand. MOMS for the most part, do the shopping and event planning for the household. (I know there are exceptions so please don’t send me angry comments, I’m talking majority people) Brands want to hear from you! And reward you for it. Let your voice be heard! Join Crowdtap!

What is Crowdtap?

Crowdtap is a social marketing platform that finds brands’ most passionate consumers and turns them into peer influencers to drive word of mouth both on and offline.

Once joining Crowdtap, you will work closely with your favorite brands. (Old Navy, McCormick Grillers, Addis, and Woolite to name a few. You will complete “quick hits” (short surveys), go on missions, sample products and of course, share! By completing the challenges you earn points you cam redeem for cash, gift cards, or donate to charity. My charity is the Red Cross
What’s not to love? My favorite aspect of Crowdtap is how user friendly it is. I usually “tap” from my smart phone. The surveys are short and sweet, unlike many other sites. So what are your waiting for? Get ‘tappin

If you are a marketing maven, definately check out Crowdtap’s Blog! I’m embarrassed to admit I just checked it out today. Full of smart posts, may be my new favorite.


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