Don’t Torture Your Jeans!|Woolite Review & Giveaway


Don’t Torture Your Jeans!  Recently as a Crowdtapper I had the opportunity to review Woolite Extra Dark Care for denim and darks.  Woolite provided me with 12 samples, each containing a $1 coupon. Whooo Hooo.  I am a denim loving Tattoomommie.  Six outa seven days of the week I am rockin the denim.  My favorite wardrobe color is black & dark denim, because let’s face it, we all look good in black.  It’s easy to dress denim up or down.  It’s rugged enough to keep up with the active stay at home mom, who is usually on her hands and knees. (cleaning people!) 

The only thing I dislike about my denim and darks is that after a wash or two, they look dingy and old.  Not the look any of us are going for.  I am a (newly) single mother of three.  To say I’m living on a budget is an understatement. Can’t be looking as washed up as I feel.  Any clothes I buy for myself the pair of clearence jeans I just bought at Old Navy have to last. 

I gathered up a load of the darks, (including my new never washed, raw denim, jeans) from the hamper off the floor.  Tore open the sample pack and waited paitently impaitiently.  We baked cookies pinned cookie recipes from pinterest while waiting for the clothes to dry.  WOW, I am totally impressed!  Everything came out looking brand new.  Even the older jeans that were stretched out and faded due to my usual laundry detergent looked better. I will buy this product.  Woolite Extra Dark Care will save me money by keeping my family’s dark clothes looking like new.  (Very important to the middle school, Tattookid) In the past, I have bought whatever detergent was on sale.  Now I will stop torturing my jeans, start saving money and you should too!  Here’s your chance, I’m giving away 10 free samples including $1 coupon!  I want to share the love and help you save money. Almost forgot, Woolite Extra Dark Care, can be used in all washing machines, even HE! 

You have five ways to win, 1.) follow my blog, 2.) follow me on Twitter and 3.) share this post on Facebook 4&5) Two entries when you become a Crowdtapper. Easy enough, just comment and let me know what you did. Kick your feet up and relax.

Disclaimer: Woolite provided me with 12 Free Samples of Woolite Extra Dark Care Detergent via Crowdtap to review their product, and to giveaway. All opinions, as always, are my own.
To Learn More, Watch Don’t Torture Your Jeans Video


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  1. Jessica T.
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 00:41:05

    I follow you on facebook.


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