Activision Family Game Summit

A week from today (November 13th), Activision will be hosting a special family games summit in New York City. However, they are also going to broadcast the event online for all of us to see. The summit will allow us to see what Activision is coming out with this holiday season! Yay for getting to know the scoop ahead of everyone else. Plus, there will be a panel of experts including, Nicole Armstrong (Activision), Suzanne Kantra ( and Patricia Vance (President of ESRB). They’ll be talking about an update to family game night. It’ll also be cool to hear from Soleil Moon Frye, their hostess! about it. It should be an information-filled summit.
I think the summit sounds like lots of fun and can’t wait to watch it next week. In the meantime, you can register for the Activision Family Games Summit to view it, too. On Tuesday you can follow the hashtag #ATVIFamGames on Twitter and follow the summit @ATVI_Family. The summit will begin at 1 pm ET. So, will you be joining me as I learn more about Activision and their holiday games?

Disclosure: I will be receiving a gift bag as I have been selected as an Activision Family Games Summit online host. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.


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