Give FREE $10 eGift Cards to EVERYONE on your list

Give FREE $10  eGift Cards to everyone on your list! What a great way to give to everyone you know!


What it is:
Feed It Forward, a holiday program from began in 2008 and is now celebrating its fifth holiday season. The initiative lets you give FREE $10 eGift Cards to family, friends, business contacts, or anyone else who loves food. Feed it Forward has seen more than $53 million in local dining experiences given over the past four holiday seasons. Your gift allows you to experience the joy of giving AND helps local restaurants. Give more peace and joy to those who love food! Where else can you take care of everyone on your list (and maybe those who didn’t make the list last year)?


When Does the Feed It Forward Initiative Begin:
November 29, 2012 – January 1, 2013
How to Participate: * Sign up here:
* Send free $10 eGift cards using email and Facebook to your friends and family
* Your friends and family receive the free $10 eGift cards you sent
* Encourage them to sign up to give free $10 eGift cards too. Who knows, you may even get one back!

Have no one to send YOU one? Feel free to leave your email address in the comments so someone else can come along and send you one!


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