Premama Prenatal Vitamin Mix | Review and Giveaway

We all know that when expecting we have to take prenatal vitamins.  Sounds easy enough, right?  That is until you rip open your prescription bag and see pills that would be to big to feed a horse! Combine that with the morning sickness, and well you know.  My first pregnancy, I had the worst case of morning (noon and night) sickness throughout my entire nine (closer to ten) months of pregnancy.  I would take my vitamin as directed and second later, I’d be hugging the toilet cursing the house pill. I tried taking it after dinner, sometimes it stayed down others it did not.  That left me wondering is my baby benefiting from me talking this or not.  My Dr. wrote me multiple prescriptions, all the same.  I thought with all three pregnancies, “Why can’t someone make a prenatal vitamin, that pregnant women can actually keep down?” Well someone heard me (3 years too late). It’s called PreMama and it’s great.  I’m giving away a free 30 day sample!


Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix by Premama has ingredients to help with nausea and digestive relief–two common side effects of Prenatal Vitamins. The drink mix provides key nutrients (including folic acid, iron, and DHA) for both mom and child and packs in ginger and Vitamin B6, all without needing to swallow a pill! A complete pregnancy vitamin, Premama is doctor recommended. 

How Do I Take Premama?

Premama is easy to take! Simply add it to your favorite beverage – milk, juice, iced tea – or even sprinkle it in your morning cereal. It’s completely flavorless, so you’ll be getting all the benefits of a prenatal vitamin with none of the daily dread of swallowing a horse pill.

How Often Do I Take Premama?

Take Premama twice a day.  We’ve divided each stick into two, so that you can take the prenatal in one dose or two. For best results, take it within five minutes of adding it to food or drinks.

Am I Getting All the Nutrients My Baby Needs?

Absolutely! Premama vitamin drink is doctor-formulated and doctor-recommended. It’s full of all the nutrients you and your baby need for a happy, healthy, nausea-free pregnancy.

Our team of advisors includes Dr. Richard Chudacoff, a top doctor recommended by the Guide to America’s Top Obstetricians and Gynecologist, who uses the product in his practice

To enter and win your free sample: share this post by clicking any of the social media icons below and leave a comment telling me how you shared.  This giveaway ends January 5, 2013.  Good Luck!

As a member of Mom Select, I was provided with a box of Premama Prenatal Vitamin Powder Supplement for the purpose of this review and Giveaway. As always all opinions are my own.


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