Durex Sexplorers | Crowdtap Sample and Share (R rated)


Recently, I was chosen to be a Durex Sexplorer, thanks to Crowdtap. Durexis committed to bringing couples together. My sampling package included a wide range of Durex products that inspired me to “sexplore” new possibilities. What is a”Sexplorer”? A “Sexplorer” values their partner’s pleasure as much as their own to help them both achieve their ideal sex life. You’re also ready and willing to talk to your close friends about your personal sexual experiences. Sign up HEREif you would like to become a “Sexplorer”.

We all know sex, or lack of sex, can make or break any relationship. Before children, sex is spontaneous, fun, erotic, and exciting. Personally, I don’t remember at any point in my life, (before children) being too tired for sex. Possibly after a sex marathon, but not to the point of turning it down. When two people are tuned into each others needs, and are having great sex, what could possibly change that? I’ll tell you what, kids! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, stop reading now.

If you’ve ever, for instance, came on with a horrible headache or worse, diarrhea just moments before your partner who has been hassling you all day week, month, year for a piece, continue reading. I was not prepared for this after my first child and my (soon to be EX husband) certainly was not. After the birth of my son, I was both mentally and physically exhausted. I struggled with a baby with reflux who didn’t sleep more than fifteen minutes a pop for the first 4 months of his life. I was learning how to be a mother. I was sleep deprived, and doing it all alone. My husband did not realize how hard it was for me to find some sort of balance. I resented him for it. Fast forward twelve years and two more kids later, we are going through a divorce, due to his infidelity.

So are all married couples with children doomed for divorce? No, only 56.2% of them. And, the number one reason for divorce…you guessed it, infidelity. So what’s a tired, mom to do? Communicate, and don’t fake being sick to get out of it like I used to. If you are in a healthy, loving relationship, communication is easy. You don’t have to have it together all the time, so ask for help. Sometimes we feel like we shouldn’t have to ask, they should just know, right? Well the truth is sometimes they don’t. Mothers act like martyrs sometimes, myself included, but you don’t have to be, and it’s not good for any relationship. Trust me. If you’re too tired for sex, tell the truth, go to bed early, (no don’t say you’re too tired, then stay up all night detail cleaning the kitchen) get up an hour early and make it up to him. I guarantee he won’t be upset that you were too tired last night. Don’t forget the Durex condoms, because that’s what got ya here in the first place 😉

Another problem some couples face is boredom, which often leads to infidelity. Again if you’re communicating, this shouldn’t be an issue. Ask him what turns him on. Shave your legs (at least), put on some lipstick, and get in the mood. Surprise him with a Durex Play vibrating ring, which is fun for the both of you. Experiment and have fun!
Making a relationship or marriage successful requires more than just love. It thrives when BOTH people understand each other. Honesty will get you everywhere. There is give and take on both sides. It also requires more than just sex. I am now in the healthiest relationship in my lifetime. I got where I am by practicing what I just preached to you. I no longer pretend to have it all together. Due to me finally loving myself, my confidence makes me sexier. Attracting all the right attention.

Tattoomommie’s Cyber World and Durex want you to be a “Sexplorer”! We are giving away five Durex
Play Vibrations kits, that include everything you need to be a”Sexplorer”! Comment with how you keep your relationship fun and exciting. For additional entries share using the icons below! Good Luck!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rhiannon Rowland
    Jan 07, 2013 @ 19:53:34

    The best is to be willing to try things you haven’t before, to liven things up! My husband and I are both very open about what we each like and don’t like. And we speak up if there is something we’d like to do that we have not done before. I always say…I’m willing to try just about anything at least once. 🙂


  2. cheshire69
    Jan 11, 2013 @ 14:36:53

    We’re open to trying anything new. And being spontaneous!
    Shared on twitter!


  3. Tattoomommie
    Jan 22, 2013 @ 19:38:38

    Rhiannon and Cheshire69 please email me your shipping info at tattoomommie@gmail.com you are my winners, since only the 2 of you entered you will get some extra goodies in your prize pack! Congrats #Sexplorers @durex @crowdtap x


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