The Egregious Improprieties of Judge Gorcyca of Oakland County Family Court

On June 24th, three children were taken out of Judge Lisa Gorcyca’s courtroom in handcuffs to be kept at Mandy’s Place, a detention facility for criminal and abused children. They were detained for weeks. The Judge told the children that they would be peeing in front of others, that they would be kept apart from their siblings and not able to see their mom. The Judge told them that they could expect to attend school there and incarcerated until they were 18.

Read entire story here:  The Egregious Improprieties of Judge Gorcyca of Oakland County Family Court.


Ten Embarrassing Quirks About Me


We all have them, embarrassing little quirks that while may not be socially acceptable, are a part of our every day lives. I’ve decided to share mine in an attempt to make you all feel better about yourselves.

1.  I always buy an extra box of Peanut Butter Tastey Kakes when grocery shopping.  I then proceeded to hide them from the children.  Once I finish my stash, I usually eat the rest of their box as well.  I also lecture the kids about the importance of choosing healthy snacks, with a straight face.

2.  I procrastinate.  I am fully aware that doing a little each day is the smart way to complete any task.  However, I will wait until the last possible second to do everything.  I then yell out how I wish there were more hours in a day.  More hours to procrastinate that is.

3.  I’m silly.  I often burst out into song and dance throughout the day.  I’m not good at either.  But even the baby laughs, so I must be doing something right.

4.  I refuse to sort socks.  I sometimes wear socks that don’t match, as do my kids.  I see nothing wrong with this.

5.  I hate homework.  I hated it when I was in school and I hate it even more now that I have school aged children.  I feel like our evenings are consumed by it.  And since I teach my kids that it is bad to procrastinate it’s the one area I cannot procrastinate.  I hate being such a good role model.

6.  I love naps.  Not that I ever actually get them, but I often daydream about what it would be like to get a nap in every day! Pure heaven.

7.  I have un-managed Adult ADHD.  Yea embarrassing.  I plan on getting help with it just as soon as I find a home, job, ect.

8. I do not eat condiments (except ketchup) no mayo, mustard, salad dressing, dip. I know really strange. Thankfully none of my kids have inherited picky eating. Don’t you just hate that?

9. When I had a car, I would sneak through the Drive through before picking my kids up from school. Dollar menu baby. My kids do not eat that poison…but mom sure likes it!

10. The last embarrassing thing about me, which I have just learned while writing this list, I’m a huge hypocrite! Sorry, I just want what we all want, better for my kids.

Now who wants to make me feel better about myself? Please share your embarrassing quirks below.

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FREE Weekend Family Fun


Looking for some FREE family fun this weekend?  Lots of fun FREE family activities listed below.  If you attend any of these events, please let us know how much fun you had!

AC Moore – Saturday, February 2nd from 1-3 p.m. demo Authentique™ Paper & Mod Podge Keepsake Box
-Sunday, Februaruy 3rd from 1-3 p.m. demo Make ‘n Mold® Animal Print Pops
Apple Stores– Check your local store for weekly workshops and youth programs.
Bank of America’s Museums on Us – Saturday, February 2nd and Sunday, February 3rd (and the first full weekend of every month), Bank of America and Merrill Lynch cardholders can get free access to more than 150 participating museums in 91 cities.  Photo ID and a valid Bank of America/Merrill Lynch credit or debit card must be presented at the time of visit. One free general admission limited to each cardholder at a participating institution, excluding fundraising events, special exhibitions and ticketed shows the first full weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of each month.  Here is a link to the full list of participating museums
Jo-Anns Fabric– Free demos every Saturday, check your store.
Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshop – There is no workshop this week.  The next workshop is Saturday, February 9th at 10:00 a.m., where kids can build a Wheel of Love.  A free apron, goggles and patch are included with the class.  Register for this class as well as other future classes HERE.
Michael’s– In store crafts and demos for people of all ages!
Pottery Barn Kids – Tuesday’s from 11-11:30am, Story Time.
Home Depot– Saturday, February 2nd from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., kids can make a Valentine Card Holder.  All kids get to keep their craft and receive a FREE Kids Workshop Apron, commemorative pin and certificate of achievement.


Moms Are Biggest Brand Boosters on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

“Moms lead the pack when it comes to liking brands on Facebook” according to study by Burst Media. Are you surprised? I’m not. 58% of moms follow brands on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and FourSquare.  I’m actually surprised the numbers are not closer to 98%.  


Photo courtesy of istockphoto

Click here for full story   What about you? Do you “like” your favorite brands on your social media sites? Do you share deals and steals? Do you check in at your favorite places? Do you think 58% is accurate?

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